Two New Hires for Expanding Electric Miles Team

Two New Hires for Expanding Electric Miles Team

Two new hires have been added to the ever expanding Electric Miles team, Junior Software Engineer Daniel Barredo and Customer Success Analyst Gregory Crowther.

Daniel had this to say about his new employment at Electric Miles:

“I’m delighted for the opportunity to join Electric Miles. I great admire the company’s goals and potential, and I will strive to help reach them through my contributions. Looking forward to being part of a driving force of change for the better.”

And Gregory followed up with:

“So thrilled to have joined such an exciting and innovative company who are shaping the future! I have come from a customer focused role and will now be leading the charge with our Installer Miles app to ensure the installers’ lives are that bit easier, and save them time and effort. I’m making it my goal to listen to all users and address any and every pain point, to give them the best possible experience. I am very much looking forward to see where we can take this and for what the future has in store. Thank you for the opportunity Electric Miles”

We wish both talented individuals a prosperous, fund and rewarding experience here at Electric Miles.

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