Participate in and earn revenue from Grid flexibility

Our SmartFlex solution is a demand flexibility service which enables charger manufacturers, resellers, charge point operators, energy suppliers and energy businesses to participate in Grid flexibility schemes.

Seamlessly control assets
We deliver schedules for your assets through our API which will stop them charging at peak times.
Attract & retain customers
Enable your customers to unlock the benefits of smart charging by reducing charging costs and allowing you to reward their energy flexibility.
Monetise your assets
By aggregating your customers’ charging load into a virtual power plant and participating in Grid-scale energy flexibility programmes we share revenue with you.
Easy onboarding
Add chargers to our platform seamlessly and easily run simulations for Grid events.
Reduce carbon emissions & protect the Grid
Reducing demand at peak times will avoid strain on the Grid and also decrease reliance on fossil fuels.

How does it work?

Our SmartFlex solution schedules, resolves and aggregates the energy needs of EVs, home batteries or other assets together so the owners can benefit from energy savings and the Grid can remain reliable and secure.



Add your assets to our SmartFlex platform.



We will continuously check which of your assets match against our Grid Flexibility contracts.



We send your assets personalised schedules based on Grid requirements in that postcode.



We reconcile the meter readings, invoice the Grid and send you your revenue share.


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Home batteries

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