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Our intelligent ‘Internet of Energy’ platform helps maintain the stability of the grid, whilst charging electric vehicles at reduced cost and lower carbon footprint. Our mission is to make electric vehicle charging seamless and scalable for the entire ecosystem.

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The smart way to reliably charge your electric vehicle – save money and reduce your carbon footprint, using our best home EV charging app.

Tell us when your car needs to be ready by and we’ll charge your EV with the cheapest and greenest energy available. One app for reliable smart charging. Start using the free app today.

For the electric vehicle ecosystem

We’re monetising the electric vehicle ecosystem through our ‘Internet of Energy’ technology and best home EV chargers in UK.

What is smart charging?

Find out how we can manage your electric vehicle charging to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, through our best home EV chargers and the EV app.

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