Trade Mission 2023 – Mayor of London Programme

Trade Mission 2023 – Mayor of London Programme

Arun Anand, the founder of Electric Miles, was quite excited and humbled to be in India for a few days on an official trip joining the Deputy Mayor of London for a Trade Mission to the fastest-growing economy in the world and his place of birth.

He met some amazing fastest-growing companies like HCLTechWiproTata ElxsiSopra Steria for example who have developed leading-edge technology and have also committed 66% of their profit to philanthropy which is so amazing to hear. We are excited to work with them to fit the jigsaw puzzle where our capabilities can fit nicely.

He also met the amazing startup ecosystem in Bangalore such as Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) where he interacted with young budding entrepreneurs from India, we would like to extend our support to all of them if we can help in any way to continue talking through our learnings to help in the growth of your companies, we will be very honored so please reach out.

Massive thank you to London & Partners team both here in London and in India you guys were terrific and put on a great show for us. Special thanks to our brand ambassador Rajesh Agrawal for being an inspirational leader and speaking eloquently at the events to talk about the great opportunities London offers to Businesses around the world and indeed #LondonIsOpen.

Finally, it was also a great opportunity to look closer at the EV ecosystem in India. Here are some of the great facts about India:

– India will be the 3rd largest automobile industry in the world by 2030 after US and China.
– Today, 70% of the fuel required for transportation is imported leading to a GDP deficit for the country.
– EV provides a real opportunity to turn the table around due to the massive influx of renewable generation in India, which will reach over – 50% of energy coming from cleaner sources like Solar, Wind, and Hydro.
– However, as they say India is a country of mouth-watering opportunities with eye-watering challenges, the biggest elephant in the room is how will ensure clean energy from the Grid gets supplied to the growing EV population.
– There are other challenges of not enough infrastructure being built with the right charger at the right place with poor reliability, leading to less than 10% overall utilisation

Electric Miles would love to help India and the rest of the developing EV world in all of these challenges and work with partners we met in the trip to deliver a roadmap where EVs can be transitioned towards its challenges and make a material impact to meet the Government and various state targets.

He also really enjoyed learning and knowing more about the other delegate companies such as
SoftoolsShojin Property PartnersExpect™OneID®Global Nano Network Limited Habitat LearnGuiderMcLEARInavya Ventures Ltd. You all were great advocates for each other.

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