EV charger commissioning for installers - easier and quicker

Are you installing EV chargers? Then you’ll need the Installer Miles commissioning app for EV chargers to finish your next installation efficiently and intuitively.

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Save time and hassle with our easy to use app

Our app guides you intuitively through the end-to-end commissioning process and we’ve also set many parameters to common defaults to make things easy. Enter your own details once and you can then commission all your chargers without needing to have your customer present.

How does it work?

Install and set up EV chargers at new or existing builds

Configure chargers to WiFi, LAN or offline

Set load management to static or dynamic

Work offline and we will upload once you are back online

Keep customers easily informed about completion

We’re adding new charger manufacturers all the time

At the moment, our app supports Project EV and EVIQ chargers but we’ll be adding other charger brands very soon. Stay tuned for details.

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