Empowering 50+ Events: SmartFlex and National Grid Collaboration Triumph

Empowering 50+ Events: SmartFlex and National Grid Collaboration Triumph

Celebrating Success: SmartFlex Hits 50+ Events in One Week

We’re elated to share a significant milestone in our journey towards a sustainable future: just one week after launching SmartFlex in collaboration with National Grid Electricity Distribution, our innovative platform has successfully powered an impressive 50 events using EV chargers! This achievement marks a tremendous leap forward in our mission to revolutionize the landscape of energy management.

What is SmartFlex?

SmartFlex by Electric Miles is a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging and grid management. In collaboration with National Grid’s Flexibility initiative, Electric Miles strategically positions EV smart charging assets to contribute to energy flexibility, addressing peak demand and enhancing grid stability. This innovative feature empowers EV owners to efficiently manage costs, prioritize green energy, and actively participate in supporting the grid, earning rewards for their contributions. SmartFlex not only integrates seamlessly with National Grid’s initiatives but also plays a pivotal role in automated energy trading, showcasing a sophisticated system for optimizing energy use during EV charging. As Electric Miles plans for future expansion into diverse distributed energy resources, SmartFlex stands at the forefront of their commitment to transforming the charging experience, facilitating grid stability, and advancing the vision for a sustainable energy future.

Beyond the Beginning: A Glimpse into SmartFlex’s Impact

The success of powering 50 events in such a short span is a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of SmartFlex. We’re not resting on our laurels; instead, we consider this achievement as the starting point for even greater accomplishments. As we pass on rewards to the drivers who have embraced the SmartFlex experience, we’re gearing up for an ambitious expansion plan.

Scaling Up for a Greener Tomorrow

Our vision extends far beyond the 50 events we’ve powered. We’re committed to making a lasting impact by expanding our operations and managing several thousand assets. The journey to scale up is well underway, and we’re excited about the positive implications this will have on our ability to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Rewarding Drivers: A Commitment to Our Community

SmartFlex is not just about advancing technology; it’s about creating a community of environmentally conscious drivers. As a token of appreciation, we’re thrilled to pass on rewards to the drivers who have been a crucial part of this journey. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing SmartFlex and joining us in the mission to drive positive change.

What’s Next: The Future of SmartFlex

The success of powering 50 events is a significant milestone, but it’s only the beginning. We’re excited about the future possibilities as we continue to innovate and enhance the SmartFlex platform. Our commitment to providing reliable, sustainable, and efficient energy solutions remains unwavering.

Join Us on the Journey

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a greener tomorrow. Whether you’re a driver benefiting from SmartFlex or an advocate for sustainable energy solutions, your support is integral to our success. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in reshaping the future of energy management.

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