Electric Miles Charges into Futurice E40 at #39!

Electric Miles Charges into Futurice E40 at #39!


Electric MilesCharges intoFuturice E40 at #39!

Facilitated over 500,000 smart-charging sessions: Our V2G technology has successfully facilitated over half a million smart-charging sessions. This milestone underscores the practical impact of our innovative solutions in the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem.

Delivered 2.5 million gWh to drivers with a 95% charge success rate:
 With an impressive 95% success rate, we’ve delivered a staggering 2.5 million gWh of energy to EV drivers. This achievement showcases the reliability and efficiency of our charging infrastructure.

Built a network of 1,600 registered installers:
 Our extensive network of 1,600 registered installers ensures widespread support and accessibility for our solutions. This robust network strengthens our ability to serve customers efficiently across various regions.

Partnered with Verbund and Ambibox to explore V2G technology: 
Collaborating with industry leaders like Verbund and Ambibox, we are exploring the full potential of V2G technology. These strategic partnerships enhance our capabilities and drive further innovation in the EV charging landscape.


We are deeply honoured to be recognised alongside esteemed companies such as Tesla, Octopus Energy, and GRIDSERVE. Electric Miles is proud to be among the 14 companies shaping the future of mobility, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us on this journey.
Read more about Electric Miles and our clean energy initiatives on our website. Join us in creating a sustainable future with Electric Miles. Let’s keep moving towards a greener tomorrow together.

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