Electric Miles can help EV drivers save monies on your bill

Electric Miles can help EV drivers save monies on your bill

Electric Miles have now formed relationships with all major Energy Suppliers to integrate all the latest EV tariffs onto our platform.

This means when EV driver registers on our platform, our AI-based tool will continuously CHECK, RECOMMEND and SWITCH to the cheapest energy tariff for your Home as well as EV. 

Our Energy engine tool will remind you when your contract is due and recommend the right tariff when the time is right.

As per OFGEM, 60% of Energy customers are on the wrong tariffs costing the consumers millions of pounds.

As per the article on Telegraph on 20th July, Using the wrong energy supplier could cost electric car owners more than £300 a year. … Charging an electric car at home overnight typically increases bills by using 2,000 kilowatt-hours a year, costing an additional £330, according to energy switching company Flipper.


So EV Drivers, sign up to Electric Miles for a pre-launch, to be announced soon. And get onto the savings you deserve. A green adoption does not mean paying more!

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