Delighted to announce our partnership with Razorthorn to make our drivers chargers secure

Delighted to announce our partnership with Razorthorn to make our drivers chargers secure

We’re delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Razorthorn. EV chargers are vulnerable to cyber and physical security threats just like any connected device and these risks have the potential to threaten the stability of the grid, the charger and the user’s personal data.To ensure regulations compliance we offer:- Physical Security Assessments of the EV charging points
– Assessment of logical interfaces presented by the EV charging point
– Assessment of WiFi and mobile network security posture
– Hardware Security Assessment including local storage and firmware

Arun Anand, Founder & CEO of Electric Miles, stated that ‘EV charging is going through a mass transformation, and the UK Government has intervened at the right point in the market evolution to ensure that consumer data is safe and the chargers, which are often outside people’s homes are tamperproof. We’re proud that Electric Miles have been involved in every industry consultation feeding into the regulations to make them more manufacturer friendly as well as focused on consumers. The partnership with Razorthorn will ensure that we utilise their strength in cyber security and our core expertise in EVs to make a strong force to reckon with as we serve manufacturers with their compliance testing.’

James Rees, Managing Director of Razorthorn said, ‘We are delighted to partner with Electric Miles. As with many other IoT devices, it was only a matter of time before EV charging points would be required to comply with the European security standard. Razorthorn has been providing security assessments and remediation consulting since 2007 and are pleased to be able to offer our expertise to Electric Miles and ensure their clients comply with the standard before the deadline later this year.’These regulations come into force from December 2022. Please reach out to us now in order to guarantee compliance ahead of the deadline.

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