The only full service electric vehicle charging solution for charger manufacturers and resellers

We’ll integrate your chargers with our solution and give your customers a smart charging app that enables them to save money.

Add value to your business

Our installer app eases the installation and commissioning process and we’ll be able to share revenue with you from our local grid flexibility contracts.

Comply with the new UK smart charging regulations

From June 2022 in the UK, every electric vehicle charger sold has to be smart. We ensure your chargers comply to avoid fines and brand reputation damage.

Improved customer experience

Your charger users can use our smart charging app – saving them money and decreasing their carbon footprint.

Easy commissioning for installers

Installers save time and hassle with our easy to use installation and commissioning app.

Revenue share

We match your charger users to our local grid flexibility contracts enabling us to share ongoing revenue.

See Electric Miles in action

Request a 1:1 live demo and see how our solutions can benefit your business.