We will work with you to get it right

The Government has published official guidance for compliance with The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 (legislation.gov.uk). By June 2022, every chargepoint sold has to be Smart. We recognise that this can be quite a difficult challenge to a number of hardware manufacturers and resellers, we would like to work with you to get you compliant to save on fines and brand value.

The future is smart... to prepare us for the EV wave

If you are a Chargepoint Manufacturer or Reseller, we can help you get compliant before the June 2022 deadline. The Government has outlined the following to be expected under the AEV Act regulations. The rules will apply to private (domestic and workplace) chargepoints 50 kW or below. The rules will apply to the sale of chargepoints, rather than installation, and will be enforced by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (“OPSS”). The following requirements will be contained in the regulations:

Smart chargepoint functionality

Government will mandate that all private chargepoints must be smart.

Cyber and Data Security

Government will mandate requirements in line with an existing cyber security Standard, ETSI EN 303 645.

Default smart charging

Government will mandate that, during set-up, charge points must require EV drivers to set charging preferences and schedules. In addition, these schedules must be pre-set to not charge at peak times.

Monitoring and metering of energy consumption

Government will mandate that chargepoint must measure or calculate the electricity consumed and/or exported, the time the charging event lasts, and provide the method for a consumer to view the information.