The smart way to reliably charge your electric vehicle - save money and reduce your carbon footprint

we charge your EV with the cheapest, greenest energy available whilst also balancing peak demand on the grid. Plug in today. Drive tomorrow.

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Our smart charging app is free for drivers

We work with charger manufacturers to deliver the most reliable smart charging experience available with their hardware.

How does it work?

Connect your charger

We’ll communicate wirelessly with your charger and electric vehicle.

Tell us your electricity tariff

We’ll save you money by optimising your charging schedule to your tariff.

Set your ready time

Just plug in and tell us when you want to use your car next. We’ll do the rest.

We’ll automatically charge your vehicle with the cheapest and greenest energy available.

Save money by dynamically charging off-peak
We also maintain the stability of the local electricity grid by balancing demand
Lower carbon footprint by optimising renewable energy use

New to EV and looking for a charger?

Are you looking for a charger? Fill this form and we along with our partners will take care of the installation and will set you up on the Electric Miles app for your smart charging needs!

Your complete electric vehicle charging solution

Check your battery level
See your battery charge level in real time.
Optimise charging your way
Choose to charge based on off-peak hours, renewable energy availability or set spending caps.
Find a public charge point
See public charge points near you on our map.
Monitor usage
View how, when and by how much you’ve charged your car.

We’re adding new charger manufacturers all the time

At the moment, our app only supports Project EV and EVIQ chargers but we’ll be adding other charger brands very soon. Stay tuned for details.

Start smart charging now and save money

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Five star reviews from our users.

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Does the job really well!

via App Store

It helps me automate the charge on my off peak tariff.

Mariah Tech Lover
via App Store

Great and more importantly smart charging app.

via App Store

I am on Octopus Go and the app automated the charging, all I do is plug the car in when I get home.

Fantastic App
via App Store

I have a Project EV charger which Electric Miles support and for a busy lady I simply wanted my EV to be charged at the right time at the right cost and the app does it for me. Definitely recommended!

Lady driving an EV
via App Store

Coming soon

A new way to charge your car is coming soon… stay tuned for updates!

Solar based charging
Match charging to the output of your solar panels.
We’ll tell you if there’s any issues charging your car e.g. internet connection down.
Charge multiple cars
Manage multiple cars through a single account.
Earn benefits by helping the environment and the grid.