Max Schulz joins as our first American Intern

Max Schulz joins as our first American Intern

Today we welcome Max, our first American intern – We are super excited to have you with us ? ? ??

Max is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Advertising with an additional emphasis in marketing.

To get to know Max we asked him:

  1. What do you find exciting about Electric Miles?

I am excited to join this talented and experienced team from whom I can learn so much, and I look forward to helping spread the word about the incredible smart charging technology that Electric Miles has created – a technology that will save EV drivers and fleet managers significantly on their charging costs.

  1. Why are you excited about EVs?

Electric vehicles represent a dramatic shift in the automobile industry.  I grew up in Silicon Valley in California, and like the UK, California will not allow the sale of new diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles after 2035. I am excited to gain experience in this rapidly-growing industry.

  1. What is your secret skill?

Curiosity – I enjoy delving into new interests and learning as much about them as possible, whether it’s trying new sports, foods, or travel experiences.

Welcome to the family Max!

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