Pleasure to meet Rishi Sunak, UK Chancellor

Pleasure to meet Rishi Sunak, UK Chancellor

It was my real pleasure to meet Rishi Sunak UK Chancellor through our affiliation with Codeac and Spice Startups who’s been lobbying for startups for having a fair and growth driven policy. The invite only event was to commend tech startups during the London Tech Week. I must admit over the last few years we had some fantastic policy changes such as SEIS, EIS, R&D and EMI scheme all in place to protect early stage startup while they navigate very bumpy roads of product market fit and external funding. I feel UK is one of the best country to start your company and pursue entrepreneurship.

In my short interaction I asked Sunak (great to see he was engaged in my talks 😊) on how will he ensure that the momentum continues with the Net Zero and electrification of the transport network with some tough economical challenges ahead of us with the rise of inflation – his response “we are not stopping”. This is what we want to see in our leadership to fight this tough enemy of climate change. I feel Rishi could be our 1st non-white prime minister which will be amazing to celebrate the diversity of the nation.

Great to be part of this Industry with our contribution through Electric Miles.

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